Apr 192016

Recreation has been a part of society for almost as long as we have known the concept of society. Some would play sports, some would hunt while others would sing and dance. There’s no end to the activities. Plays and movies were thus developed, as were adventure sports. Now one might wonder, what could that have to do with technology. Be patient. I’m getting there. Many of these activities would involve ‘movement’. Yes, movement. That, which many of us have already forgotten, as we lie down in front of our home theater systems in all our glory, with a smartphone in hand running over a dozen apps and pass our weekends in utter coziness. This clinchers that we have set foot in the realm of sedentary life style. Well it’s not like smartphones exclusively instigated this propensity for sedimentary life style. Humans have always been lazy. Though, due credit must be given to the creators of television. And then video games and personal computers came along to entice us even more.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against smartphones or technology in general. In fact, as a supporter of Internet of Things, I believe we are still not exploring the full potential of the existing tech. Although internet of Things will need some time to intertwine with our lives, as smartphones already have. Frankly, I believe it is the most popular device today. So, talking about smartphones, there are still plenty of ways for us to improve our life style. For instance, we can use the fitness apps that go along with pedometers and the likes, to track our exercise and the calories consumed and burnt. There are many apps like Udacity and Coursera that can enable us to learn various courses. Then there are news apps and the list goes on. The point is that mobile devices greatly simplify our lives and enhance our productivity. All great things aside though, we have surely gotten a galore of options for entertainment.

Now let’s get back to ‘movement’ from earlier. Sure we have become more immobile, but aren’t we still happy? In contrast to the earlier statements, we still enjoy every bit of the time spent on surfing the web, playing games, chatting – although there may be someone in the same room whom we end up neglecting, surfing internet radio – well the age of radio is long gone, or watching some movie on Netflix or Movie Box. If you didn’t know Movie Box is a free video streaming app. Anyways, the point is that new technologies will continue to develop and modify our life style further. The difference in life style today and that 10 years ago is immense. So predicting what lies in store for us ahead is a tough shell, which not many can crack. With the advent of Virtual Reality, the possibilities are endless. Forget lying in your drawing room chatting with a friend in Europe, you might actually be able to talk in 3D real time in virtual reality. So instead of criticizing what we have already become, let’s focus on what is yet to come and what we intend to do when it does.

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