About Us


Ultraverse is a publication of Parola Scritta and is produced by Editor/Publisher Chris Africa and Contributing Editor William I. Lengeman III.

Ultraverse’s goals include

  • First, to publish only outstanding work. If you submit a piece and it is promising but not outstanding, we may offer suggestions to help you improve it.
  • Second, to promote outstanding SF&F web sites, even our “competitor” sites. There’s nothing cutthroat about e-zine publishing. There’s no profit to be lost by letting you know that Strange Horizons (for instance) always carries excellent fiction. We want you to have a good SF&F experience, wherever that leads you.
  • Third, to provide resources for SF&F readers and writers, especially new and developing authors. We want promising writers to gain the experience and visibility that will make them great authors. Likewise, we want our authors to be published in paying markets, and we promise not to impede them from this goal in any way.
  • Finally, to maintain a highly usable and navigable web site, so that the maximum number of potential readers can use the site.
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